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Brick floors, flagstone floors, concrete floors, slate, travertine and limestone floors of all kinds.........

































































































































Sealed, stripped, maintained, honed or polished.




These are all part of the way of living we are proud to call "Santa Fe Style".  For many years contractors and homeowners have tried various products to enhance the natural beauty of custom residential floors.  What is needed is not a product, but a process.  Owners, realators and contractors alike agree that we have the processes to make polished stone or rough bricks beautiful and easy to maintain.


Since 1979 we have been making the floors of Santa Fe, New Mexico more attractive.  More than 10,000 homes, many of them multiple times!!  Owners and real estate agents realize that the esthetic and dollar value of homes increase when the floors look their very best.  Sometimes only a simple "Spiff-up" is all that is required.  Why not let one of our people take a look?

Where do we work?

Though we are located in Santa Fe, we work in all of New Mexico and are happy to travel to Colorado, Arizona and most of Texas.  We also can arrange on-site or phone/photo consultations with professionals or home owners.

We not only seal and finish new floors, but also refurbish older floors.  Our Blastrack shot-blasting service safely removes damaged coatings from many floors without the use of chemicals.  Many of our jobs are a result of homeowners who are not satisfied with their new floors after the contractor has done his best.  Even problems caused by inexperience can be corrected....and we don't point fingers! 

What kind of floors do we work on?

As our name implies, we started out working on brick floors.  In the Southwest bricks are commonly layed on packed sand or directly on concrete slabs.  Sand is usually swept over the floor to fill the gaps and the sealed in by sticky sealers.  Finish coats of various materials then bring the floor to the desired gloss level and smooth the surfaces out enough to facilitate cleaning.

Polished stone has become popular in recent years and we have worked with many stone materials.  Travertine, limestone, granite and marble are but a few of the materials we see in many of the fine Santa Fe homes.  Our sealing and maintenance procedures protect and enhance these substancial investments.

Rougher stone surfaces such as flagstone, sandstone, Indian slate and the like each require slightly different approaches.  Do you want to leave them as light colored as when they are dry?  Or would you want them darkened as when they are wet?  Shiney .....or not?  Many options if your floor sealer knows his business!

Concrete floors haved posed problems for homeowners and contractors alike.  They probably never will live up to everyone's expectations.  Many sealers for concrete floors are easily scratched.  Some are extremely sensitive to Ph and moisture as well as temperature at the time of application.  Some have been known to peel from heavily troweled floors and some just will not stop stains.  Our extensive list of sealers from major manufacturers as well as years of experience ensure your best  chance at getting the look you desire.

What don't we do?

Install floors

Sell materials

Grind or sand floors

Give us a call........505-471-9268