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We do residential floors only!!

Commercial or business floors are far different from residential floors!  We don't have large crews come in and buff our floors twice a week.  We don't need heavy layers of wax or finish stripped and reapplied regularly.  We just want our floors to look good and be easy to maintain. 

Our company will not try to push you into accepting the process we want. Rather we listen to you and design the finished floor to meet your needs.  We do not have to divide our time between learning about products and processes for banks or galleries and what is really needed by home owners and housekeepers.










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Most sealers and finishes will be at their hardest within 30-60 days. During this curing time be a little extra careful. Lift and set your furniture rather than slide it. This also may be a good time to be sure that any movable furniture not on rugs have fabric cushions under the legs. Be sure house plants have waterproof (plastic) trays under them as well as trivets or other lifting devices under the trays to help reduce condensation. Pet dishes should also have something under them to catch spillage. Sweep, vacuum or dust mop regularly. Dirt and grit on the floor will abrate any surface. Walk off mats near outside doors help remove dust and dirt from busy feet.

It is usually best if you keep your floors dry for at least
twenty-one days. Do not wash them and be very prompt about wiping up any spills. If your floors are sand filled brick, it is recommended that you NOT vacuum for at least seven days after sealing to be sure the sealer has set up between the bricks. Most of the new finishes will tend to lighten slightly and loose gloss during the first 30-60 days.

Wash your floors as little a possible. Washing does not hurt the new finishes, but water film left behind and dirty water left in the deeply textured grout and floor material sometimes makes the floor look as bad after washing as before. Try wiping up spills or rubbing dried footprints with a dust cloth or mop rather than quickly reaching for the wet mop. When areas need to be mopped, try using a solution of "Mr. Clean" or a neutral cleaner from a good janitorial supply store. We suggest wringing the mop out almost dry and just wiping the surface.

The use of oil products such as Velva-Sheen, Murphy’s Oil Soap, or Pine-Sol is not recommended unless you want to reduce gloss levels or if you have unsealed quarry tile. The oil residue left behind will often cause dulling or streaking of the finish as well as being an attractant for dust and dirt.

Light colored stone or tile should regularly be checked to be sure the sealer has not been damaged by scratching, wear or excess water. Professional service is usually rcommended about every 18 months to assure proper protection of the floor material itself. Most dark floors should have the kitchen and high traffic areas inspected and treated in about 12-18 months and then on 2-3 year intervals.


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